Department of Admission and Registration

The Admissions & Registration Department is dedicated to the principle of quality service through the efficient application of administrative and academic policies and procedures. The Department performs the essential roles of supporting, facilitating, and promoting the academic mission of the college by connecting students to the faculty, curriculum, and classroom through a range of services from admission to first enrollment to graduation. The Department ensures the observance to academic policy, preservation of academic integrity and the safeguarding of the security of students’ academic records.


  • Implementing the bylaws, regulations and instructions issued on student admission and registration; advising students on selecting their specializations and courses, as well as executing decisions, such as debarring students from sitting for examinations or dismissing them.
  • Preparing lists of students’ names according to their distribution in the foundation year and specializations.
  • Designing & issuing ID cards for students and staff.
  • Creating a file for each student, keeping evidence of his/her acceptance and all documents pertaining to him/her.
  • Monitoring registration process.
  • Keeping all documents including student transfer from other colleges, postponement of study and dismissal.
  • Preparing and publishing the registration plan of each semester.
  • Handle the declaration of Drop/Add of courses and college withdrawal.
  • Issue students transcripts and other certificates.
  • Handle academic probation warnings, attendance warnings, grade appeals and dismissals.
  • Preparing examination schedules, allocating exam halls and invigilators, as well as announcing the results after their approval by the College Council.
  • Handle the process of graduation clearance.
  • Maintaining the database of the students by tracking each student in coordination with HoD’s & Department Registrars from the time of admission till the graduation.
  • Preparing the statistics and data pertaining to the students.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Hamood Khalfan Al-Azri
Head of Department
25587-964 ext 964
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