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College of Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) 06 December 2023

Probation Student Counseling

An online counseling program for the students under academic probation was organized by the College of Computing and Information Sciences, Department of Information Technology through MS Teams on 21st November 2023 at 12 noon.

Ms. Fathiya Hamood Mohammad Al-Salmi, Head of Counseling and Graduates Follow-up department addressed the students and discussed the following points:

  1. Study Methods:
    • Students were informed about effective study methods, suggesting that they need to adopt strategies that work for them to enhance their learning.
  2. Attention to Studies:
    • Emphasis was placed on the importance of paying attention to studies. This might involve time management, active participation in classes, and staying engaged with the course material.
  3. Contacting HOD for Problems:
    • Students were encouraged to reach out to the Head of Department if they encounter any problems. This reflects a supportive environment where students feel they can seek assistance.
  4. Communication with Advisors:
    • Students were advised to communicate with their advisors regarding CGPA calculations, guidance was provided on how to avoid or come out of probation, that indicating a proactive approach to addressing academic probation. Also, the importance of maintaining an open line of communication for academic support.

During the Q&A sessions that followed the counseling program, Ms. Fathiya answered to queries from the students.

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