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College of Computing and Information Sciences 12 December 2023

Workshop on 'Overcome Examination Stress and Anxiety'

The College of Computing and Information Sciences organized a Student development program through Students Guidance Committee on 4/12/2023, 1 P.M. at BS102 entitled “Overcome Examination Stress and Anxiety” for IT students, to help relieve their exam anxiety and adequately prepare for the test.

Dr.Issa Saleh Hamood Al -Amri, Lecturer, Business Studies, UTAS Ibra gave a very interactive presentation to the IT students. The highlights were provided in order to create an appropriate study plan for the duration of the university education as well as an appropriate semester and term plan. The speaker offered advice on how to study for the test, how to feel less stressed during the test, and how to unwind after the test. The speaker urged the students to sign up for outreach initiatives and to utilize the tutorial and help centers, among other academic resources, that the university offers.

In order to overcome exam tension and anxiety, the speaker stressed the value of adopting a positive outlook, taking regular breaks from studying, and scheduling time for exercise and relaxation.

35 Students from the Department of Information Technology participated in this workshop.

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