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College of Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) 01 January 2024

Open Forum

Department of Information Technology held an Open Forum on Tuesday, 26/12/2023 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm in the University Main hall, providing a platform for students to voice their thoughts, concerns and suggestions directly to the department administration. The event aimed to foster a sense of belongingness, promote communication and strengthen the collaborative relationship between students and administrators.

The forum commenced with welcoming remarks from the Head of the Department Ms. Zaina Rashid Salim Al Jufaili, expressing the department’s commitment to create an inclusive and supportive academic environment. HoD emphasized on the importance of open communication and encouraged students to share their perspectives and suggestions to contribute to the continuous improvement of the department.

The students' voices, who openly shared their thoughts, worries and experience were the essence of the Open Forum. Subjects covered included teaching resources, teaching methodologies in addition to curriculum.

Students queries and concerns were answered by Ms. Zaina Rashid Salim Al-Jufaili HoD, Dr.Kamal Hamood Zaid Al-Sabahi HoS-MM, Dr.Amit Kumar Yadav HoS-Math. Other members present were Ms Marwa Said Amur AlKhuitari, Ms. Maia Salim Sultan Al Hajri and Ms.Jaishree Devi.

The Open Forum marked a significant step towards building a more collaborative learning environment.

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