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College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) 12 December 2023

General Health and Safety Awareness and First Aid Training

A workshop titled “General Health and Safety Awareness and First Aid Training” was organized by the university Ibra branch, Health Safety and Environment Committee on 12.12.2023 at noon in the branch main hall for the staff members.

Renowned dignitaries Mr. Adil Musalam Abdullah Al–Hajri and Mr. Yahya Khamis Humaid Al-Qasmi from the Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority were invited as resource speakers. They shared their wide experience and knowledge with the staff members in a very simple way. The staff members from various departments participated eagerly. This kind of hands-on experience first aid training program was already requested by many of the staff members to enhance their first aid skills to face emergency medical situations. Mr. Yahya Khamis Humaid Al–Qasmi shared his experience on basic fire hazards and safety. The various types of firefighting equipment and their applications were explained by him. He also discussed the various fire hazards in houses and vehicles and necessary precautionary measures. Mr. Yahya Khamis Humaid Al–Qasmi also insisted on the importance of building awareness of kitchen fire safety to avoid major accidents. Mr. Adil Musalam Abdullah Al–Hajri demonstrated various first aid procedures like how to deal with a common fainted person, a fainted and unresponsive person, and a person affected by choking with the help of various types of mannequins. He also demonstrated the working principle of the AED device. Also, the importance of taking care of our health, and undertaking routine checkups were stressed by Mr. Adil Musalam Abdullah Al–Hajri. The staff members eagerly participated in this workshop and clarified their doubts. The dignitaries were highly appreciated for their informative training session and felicitated by Mr. Ahmed Khuwaiter Al-Hajri, Director of Administration and Financial Affairs, UTAS Ibra branch with a memento.

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