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College of Engineering and Technology 10 December 2023

Exploration of Sultan Qaboos Port: Educational Journey for Engineering Students

The College of Engineering and Technology enhances students' practical skills through ongoing training, industrial visits, and hands-on experiences tailored to their respective fields, in addition to regular coursework.

On December 7, 2023, an educational field trip to Sultan Qaboos Port in Muscat was organized for engineering students to enhance their technical knowledge in their respective specializations. Mr. Omar Al Saidi, Superintendent Planning, and Mr. Ahmed Al Balushi, Occupational Health and Safety Engineer at Port Sultan Qaboos, provided insights into the mechanisms and processes of ships, as well as communication among them.

The experience offered a distinctive and valuable learning opportunity for all participating students, who demonstrated great enthusiasm in understanding the technical aspects and mechanisms of ships. This enriching experience was facilitated and accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim.

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