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College of Engineering and Technology 07 December 2023

Sensor fusion: Elevating Human perception through Electronics

The Community Outreach Program titled “Sensor fusion: Elevating Human perception through Electronics” presented by Dr. Hasin Alam Quraishi, Senior Lecturer, Engineering Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences in IBRA, OMAN, on November 28, 2023, offered valuable insights into human senses, its electronic counterparts and how they are revolutionizing the human life.

The program outlined the human perception that interprets sensory information that form a mental representation of the world and is influenced by experience, expectations, attention and varies across individuals. Sensory organs receive information from the surroundings and convert it into electrical signals that processed by the human brain. The human senses are replaced by camera (e-eye), microphone(e-ear), touch sensor(e-skin), electronic tongue (e-tongue), electronic nose (e-nose) etc and their data can be processed by e-brain.

Dr. Hasin's presentation was equipped with attractive slides with moving pictures exploring practical applications and demonstrating the use of different e-sensors in our practical life. The outreach highlighted the potential of e-sensors to play a vital role in Health Monitoring, Augmented Reality, Environmental Awareness, Prosthetics and Assistive Devices, Smart Homes, Human-Computer Interaction, Navigation and Location Services, Automotive Safety, Biometric Authentication, Entertainment and Gaming etc. Future trends reflect the ongoing innovation in electronic sensors, driven by a demand for more intelligent, connected, and responsive technologies across different industries. This event was facilitated by the ICEC committee.

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