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College of Engineering and Technology 30 October 2023

Mastering Multimeter Functions

The Sustainable Energy and Power Systems Professional team, Department of Engineering and UTAS-Ibra IEEE Student branch organized the workshop titled “Mastering Multimeter Functions”.

The event was conducted on 24/10/2023 from 12 pm to 2 pm in the main hall and Mr. Mazen Musallem Hashel Al-Himali shared his expertise with the participants. A total of 73 students from various specialization of Engineering department participated in the workshop.

Welcome address was given by Dr. K.Shamganth, IEEE UTAS – Ibra branch Counsellor and the session was followed by the resource speaker Mr.Mazen. This workshop includes a lecture on various Multimeter functions, handling different types of multimeters, various modes of operation of multimeters supplemented by simulation and live demonstration. A question and answer session was also conducted at the end in which live interaction took place with the participants.

In the workshop, the resource person also explained the functions of multimeters and the necessary precautions to be taken care of when using the device. He also guided the participants on how to identify the suitable type of multimeter for a particular measurement. This workshop also covered the technical details like the resolution of multimeter, continuity testing of electrical circuits and fault detection of electrical and electronic components.

The event was supported by the following staffs from Engineering department, Mr.Majid Abdullah Mohammed Al Harthi, Mr. Ibrahim Yousuf Rashid Al Balushi, Mr. Hamdoun Mohammed Al Masoudi, Mr.Rajababu and Ms.Santoshi. Mr. Loganathan delivered the closing remarks and appreciation for the participants and thanked the resource speakers for sparing their valuable time. The feedback of the event was collected from the participants after the workshop.

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