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College of Engineering and Technology 24 December 2023

Learning Edge: Exploring the Potency and Applications of Network Systems

The College of Engineering and Technology proudly hosted a distinguished staff development seminar titled "Exploring the Potency and Applications of Network Systems" for the esteemed faculties of the Engineering Department. The seminar, conducted on December 21st from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm via Microsoft Teams, featured Dr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, the On-the-Job Training Coordinator, as the esteemed speaker.

The event, expertly hosted by Dr. Moola Pratapa Raju, Coordinator of the Staff Development Committee, commenced with an insightful introduction underscoring the significance of knowledge-sharing at the departmental level.

Key highlights included a comprehensive exploration of the distinctions between infrastructure and infrastructure-less networks, elucidation on various types of ad-hoc networks, and the introduction of creative questions to enhance participant engagement. Notably the speaker showcased a captivating his own video presentation illustrating the functionality of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and passionately discussed the historical evolution and classifications of UAVs.

The session reached its highpoint with an in-depth examination of diverse UAV applications, with participants expressing a profound connection to each slide presented. The speaker commitment to academic exploration was further exemplified by his invitation to the participants to embark on research endeavors.

The seminar concluded with an interactive question-and-answer segment and a heartfelt message from Dr. Shamganth Kumarapandian, Head of Section for Electrical Engineering. He expressed sincere appreciation to Dr. Ibrahim, the organizers, and the enthusiastic participants for their invaluable contributions to this academic gathering. This seminar stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and academic excellence within the College of Engineering and Technology.

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