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College of College of Engineering and Technology (CET) 20 December 2023

IoT unleashed: Transforming Real world challenges into Smart solutions

On December 11, 2023, The College of Engineering and Technology hosted a guest lecture for telecommunications students titled "IoT Unleashed: Transforming Real-world Challenges into Smart Solutions." Mr. Yaseen Mubarak Almalki, a Computer Network Engineer at the Civil Aviation Authority in Muscat, served as the distinguished guest speaker for the event.

During the lecture, Mr. Almalki provided a comprehensive overview of the Internet of Things (IoT), offering practical insights for the preparation and initiation of startup businesses leveraging IoT technology. He underscored the significance of IoT in shaping the future of Oman. The students expressed their gratitude for the valuable learning opportunity provided by an experienced professional.

The lecture proved to be well-received by the student body, highlighting the importance of IoT in addressing real-world challenges and fostering smart solutions. The session concluded with an interactive Q&A session, and extended a vote of thanks to conclude the event by Dr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim.

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