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College of Engineering and Technology 30 October 2023

Innovators Robotics League 2K23

The Engineering department and the Robotics Professional Team are proud to present the winners of the recently concluded MCBS Innovators Robotics League 2K23 held at Modern College of Business and Sciences on 15th November 2023.

The two teams representing the UTAS-Ibra branch have placed 1st and 2nd Places respectively in two different categories.

For Garden Guardian Challenge, the team of Abdulrahman Said Rashid Al-Rasbi, Amira Sulaiman Said Al-Naabi and, and Hajar Mohammed Khalfan Al-Daraai, placed first (1st) under coach Michael Dalisay.

For Maze Explorer Challenge, the team of Faisal Saud Ahmed Al-Battashi, Omar Hamood Ahmed Al-Batrani and, and Sulaiman Sasif Aamir Al-Jadhami, bagged second (2nd) place under coach Donnie Solano. Both teams were under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. Shamganth (HOS-Electrical) and Dr. Sami Al Ghnimi (HOD-Engineering).

The engineering department expressed its heartfelt congratulations to the winning teams and wish you continued success in world of robotics.

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