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College of Engineering and Technology 30 October 2023

Engineering Students' Industrial Visit to Oman Fiber Optic Company

The College of Engineering and Technology improve students’ practical skills through continuous training, Industrial visits, and hands-on experiences in their respective field apart from regular coursework.

In this connection, to enhance the hands-on experience skills in Fiber Optic Cables for Diploma Electronics & Telecom students on November 14, 2023, in Oman Fiber Optic Company Muscat.

The Industrial visit program mainly focused on giving practice for our students to understand telecom network fiber optic cables identification different types. Manufacturing of different network fiber optic cables and testing of different cables. This visit covered the wide spectrum of practical knowledge for all participating students (16 students) and increased their self-interests towards further study in the Telecommunication network fiber optic cable installation skills concepts as a self-learner for future development.

The industrial visit was facilitated by Mr. Mohammed Gulamwahid & and Mr. Khalid Al Harthi and coordinated by Dr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim.

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