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College of Engineering and Technology 12 December 2023

Finite Element Method Student Training

Day 2 - Students training program on the Finite Element Method was conducted by the mechanical staff of the Department of Engineering on 28.11.2023.

The basic concepts of applying the FEM method for solving solid mechanics and structural problems were introduced to the students by Dr. Abdullah Adiem Khalid Al-Maskari and Mr. Y. Vicknesh Kumar. Dr. Abdullah Adiem Khalid Al-Maskari explains the concept of discretization of a stepped bar with one-dimensional elements, the node numbering, defining nodal parameters, the global equilibrium equation, the formulation of the global stiffness matrix, global load vector, and global displacement vector to the students.

The concept of the application of boundary conditions and the procedure for the identification of unknown nodal displacements, elemental stresses, and strains was explained by Mr. Y. Vicknesh Kumar.

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