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College of Engineering and Technology 15 November 2023

Concepts of Energy Harvesting from the Modern Homes

The Community Outreach Program titled “Concepts of Energy Harvesting from The Modern Homes” presented by Dr. GopiKrishna Pasam, Senior Lecturer, Engineering Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences in IBRA, OMAN, on November 28, 2023, offered valuable insights into energy harvesting from modern homes.

The program outlined innovative methods of capturing energy from sources like motion, heat, light, wind, and vibration, which can be converted into electrical energy to power household devices. Emphasizing sustainability and reduced energy consumption, the session presented real-time implementations of how everyday activities and natural phenomena can be effectively used for free energy in domestic houses.

Dr. Pasam's presentation explored into practical applications, demonstrating how low-energy devices could operate without external power sources, thereby fostering an eco-friendly lifestyle. The outreach highlighted the potential of solar radiation, wind, ambient temperature differences, and even kinetic energy from human motion as viable means for energy harvesting within the home. The conclusions and methodologies discussed show the way for future innovations in energy efficiency, making the program a significant advance toward sustainable living. This event was facilitated by the ICEC committee.

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