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College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) 29 November 2023

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer has become an important aspect of the educational sector. The aim is to ensure that valuable insights gained through various sources are effectively disseminated within an organization or shared with others.

Keeping this objective in mind, the Department of Business Studies at UTAS –Ibra organized a Knowledge Transfer event on November 16, 2023, in BS112. This event was attended by the staff members of the Business Studies Department.

During the event, Dr. Salim Al Rashdi, a staff member of the department, shared insights from a Symposium he attended at UTAS-Al Mussanah, providing an overview of the ‘Bosala’ program initiated by the Business Studies Department at UTAS- Al Mussanah. This program aims to empower individuals with disabilities by assisting them in starting their own businesses for sustainable living.

Since its inception in 2020, the Bosala program has proven beneficial to many disabled individuals across Oman, offering training, marketing support and a platform for exchanging ideas among peers. The symposium addressed various issues and obstacles, with the participation of government officials representing Oman SMEs development, Oman development bank and Oman Chamber.

Apart from the symposium, there was an exhibition that displayed projects and businesses initiated by entrepreneurs with disabilities.

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