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College of Economics and Business Administration (CEBA) 21 December 2023

Awareness Session on Data Management, Risk Management and Student Support System (SSS)

The Business Department organized an awareness session on data management, risk management and student support system on December 14, 2023, 2:00 PM at BS 112. This session aims to foster a culture of risk awareness and an effective data management system at the department level.

Ms. Latha Sahadevan, staff from ETC, demonstrated the use of the Student Support System (SSS). This tool is used by the students to raise their academic concerns with the university. The platform is an effective means to address students’ requests and provides a mechanism to gather information that will eventually improve the services provided by the university. Mr. Abdulla Thanseer, lecturer, delivered a presentation on data management. He highlighted the importance of data security, accuracy, and integrity. He emphasized that improving data quality contributes to more a reliable reporting, thus, building trust with different stakeholders of the university in the long run.

Mr. Mohamed Riyas Velakkath, lecturer, showed how to fill out the university risk identification and analysis template. He emphasized the significance of identifying risk at the committee and department level. Risk consequences and its impact to the organization together with the risk responses must be communicated to the administration to help build a sustainable operation.

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