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IT Department 12/10/2022

Induction Program for New IT Students

Induction program for new IT students was conducted on Tuesday, 4th October 2022, in IT306 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

Mr. Mohammed Osman, Dr. GB Suresh, Dr. Joseph Raphael, Mr. Prajith, Mr. Muhammed Shareef, Ms. Fathiya Hamood Mohammad Al-Salmi, Dr. Salim Amer Salim Al-Rashdi were the presenters on various topics of guidance.

Few topics presented in the induction program includes: Academic Students rules and regulations, IT program, Academic Support Services, Risk Management, Student Policy, Motivation and Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Student attendees were keen in observing the topics and they were raising their concerns during the program, which is clarified by the concerned presenters.

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