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IT - Staff Development Committee 28/12/2022

Artificial Intelligence Workshop

The staff development committee working under the Information Technology department organized a live workshop. The title of the program was "Artificial Intelligence” and conducted for two continuous Thursdays, 15th December 2022 and 22nd December 2022 via a live session in IT302 from 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM.

Welcome remark was given by Dr. Vimal Kumar Stephen, Research and Consultancy Committee Coordinator.

The resource person was Dr. Kamal Hamood Zaid Al-Sabahi, Lecturer - Information Technology Department, UTAS - Ibra. The session was very interactive, informative, and practically covered broad areas about applications of deep learning viz.,

  • Matrix Math Refresher
  • Dataset examples
  • Classification problems
  • Perceptron and Neural Networks

Research and Consultancy Committee coordinator gave the vote of thanks. This was an eye opening session for all our UTAS IT Staff members.

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