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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 06/12/2022

Community Outreach Program on Basic Electrical Skills

The industry and community engagement committee in coordination with the academic departments launched a set of training programs to serve the community in various advanced fields that keep pace with technological changes in Engineering.

The resource persons for the workshop were Mr. Bhanu Kiran (Lecturer) , Mr.Mazen Musallem Hashel Al-Himali( Technical Supporter),Mr. Majid Abdullah Mohammed Al-Harthi(Technical Supporter), engineering department.

This event was aimed at promoting the awareness by sharing the knowledge of Basic Electrical skills. Mr. Bhanu Kiran, started the presentation with electrical safety practices in the electrical places and production areas and also different methods of protections (Human protection and equipment protection).Mr.Mazen Musallem Hashel Al-Himali, shown one connected installation in the working board and explained different installation techniques. Mr. Majid Abdullah Mohammed Al-Harthi, explained the testing in connected installation like visual inspection test, Continuity test and Insulation resistance test. The participants connected one circuit and learned different types of protections.

The total 15 members attended to the workshop and the feedback of the event was collected from all the participates after the workshop.

At the end Er. Vivek Kumar Srivastava elaborated the latest AB Switches used nowadays mentioning its advantages. The session was very informative and the audience benefited a lot.

Finally vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Shamganth, HoS Electrical, Eng. Department followed by mementos and certificate of appreciation to the speakers in honour of their valuable time. The feedback of the event was collected from the participation after the workshop.

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