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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 22/05/2023

Artificial smell system: e-Nose

The industry and community engagement committee has organized a workshop entitled "Artificial smell system: e-Nose". 57 persons including students, staff and some community have registered online for the community program.

Out of that 16 persons attended the offered program. The program was useful and well accepted by these attendees. The program has been conducted on 9th May 2023 from 12 NN to 2 PM in MS-team. Dr Hasin Alam Lecturer-Engg was the facilitator for the event. The attendees were students and staff of UTAs Ibra. All the participant who attended the program were involved and shown their interest during the session.

Session answered the following questions like what is the sensor, what is the role of sensors in our life, what are the different human senses, how we have replaced all those human senses in electronics systems like camera, microphone, touch sensor, electronic tongue and electronic nose. Then it covered the development of the electronic more nose in a historical view means how it was started and what is the current trends etc. different applications of e-nose in the fields of crop protection, harvest timing, storage, meat, seafood and fish products freshness, industries, healthcare etc.

This event also covered basic concept of e nose, different components of electronic nose system, different data analysis approaches, different E nose sensors available, research and developments going on in this field and future developments in the use of advanced sensor arrays, neural analysis means neural network techniques that will lead us to superior e-Noses and in future so we can hope we will have some more advanced E nose systems.

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