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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 23/11/2022

Community Outreach Program on Advanced 3D Part Modeling for Mechanical Design Using AutoDesk Inventor

The industry and community engagement committee encourages many training programs in coordination with the academic departments to support Omani society based on the labour market requirements.

"Advanced 3D Part Modeling for Mechanical Design Using AutoDesk Inventor" was one of the training programs conducted on December 13, 2022, from 12 nn to 2 pm by Mr. Chethan Godlumane Ramesh and Mr. Ramesh V at ME102. The attendees were students from different streams of specialization and levels. A Few of the participants were teachers.

This program helped those 8 participants acquire knowledge about a software tool “AutoDesk Inventor” for 3D modeling and Mechanical Design. During the session the features of Autodesk inventor Software were explored, followed by hands-on experience was given with practical mechanical design such as the design of bolts using commands like revolve, coil, and thread. Also, practical skill in designing the water bottle with advertising label was performed with the 3D features like revolve and decal.

The Design of the car tyre was taken as a practical example of performing emboss feature in Autodesk inventor thereby giving all the participants the real hands-on experience to get skilled with the AutoDesk inventor Part Modelling.

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