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Engineering Department 07/03/2023

1st Sustainable Energy Conference: Leading to Oman Vision 2040

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Salalah branch has hosted this year’s Sustainable Green Energy Conference last February 15th and 16th of 2023 whose aims are to promote awareness on renewable energy and to encourage the use of environment-friendly technologies both local and international.

This conference is concerted initiatives among academic managers, researchers, energy industry experts and green energy suppliers.

UTAS-Salalah invited all researchers from various fields with multi-disciplinary interests to be able to interact and share the ideas and research on the the latest developments in the field of Green and Sustainable Energy.

UTAS-Ibra has been proudly represented by a team composed of Ms. Sara Mohammed Abdallah Al Alawi, Ms. Sameya Amur Mohammed Al Sulaimi under the mentorship of Dr. GopiKrishna Pasam. The team has presented their project entitled "Heuristic Approaches to get Maximum Power from Moving PV Solar Panel". The project has been well received by the participants of the conference.

As the thrust of UTAS-Ibra to boost its researches on renewable energy, next year Sustainable Energy Conference is something we are looking forward to.

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