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Engineering Department 04/02/2023

Science Club Competition of the Royal Army of Oman, Military Technological College, Muscat

The Scientific Club of the Royal Army of Oman has organized the Science Club competitions open to all Higher Education Institutions (HEI) students, this completion aims to promote inventions and innovations, to stimulate creative abilities and to create an incubating environment that leads to increased educational attainment and the transformation of ideas into useful applications.

The competition was held on 01/03/2023 at Military Technological College.

UTAS-Ibra was respresented by Bachelor students from Mechanical Engineering specialization namely Ziyad Yasser Salim AL-Jahdhami and Haitham Saif Nasser AL-Sadi secured the 15st Place in the event after competing with 106 research projects in the final round for their Bachelor project titled “Improvement of the solar panel Efficiency using Smart Solar Panel Cleaner” under the guidance of Mr. Ramesh Vellaichamy,Mr. Muntasar Nasser Aamir Al Manji and Mr.Rajababu Natarajan, Department of Engineering, College Of Engineering And Technology, University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibra.

Among 106 projects the best 20 projects are represented for the project exhibition held on 1/03/2023.

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