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Engineering Department 13/12/2022

AI-Powered IOT and its Engineering Applications

A webinar entitled “AI POWERED IOT and Engineering Applications” was held on 9th of February 2023 via MS Teams. This activity aimed to promote awareness on AI-powered IOT and its applications in various fields of engineering.

The speaker, Dr. Pratapa Raju M, a lecturer from the Department of Engineering, UTAS-Ibra, has enthusiastically and animatedly discussed the history of the inception of AI and IOT then he expounded on the benefits and applications of AI-powered IOT. Staff members of the engineering department who attended the webinar showed their interests with the volumes of questions they asked the resource speaker where the speaker is very accommodating to answer their queries.

This webinar was made possible through the efforts of the Staff Development Committee (SDC) under the guidance of Head of Engineering, Dr. Sami Al Ghnimi and the Head of Section, Dr. Shamganth K.

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