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Business Studies Department 28/05/2023

Specialization Induction Program

The Department of Business Studies in association with Student Guidance Committee conducted a specialization induction program on 9th May 2023 for Diploma I students’ eligible for specialization in the next semester.

The purpose of the program was to provide students with information about the different specializations available and their potential career prospects.

During the program, three resource persons, namely Mr. Abdullah Thanseer, Dr. Preeti Bhaskar, and Dr. Reshma D'sa, delivered presentations on various specializations.

Mr. Abdullah Thanseer discussed the importance of choosing Marketing as a specialization and provided insights into the skills that can be acquired in this field, along with potential career opportunities.

He also focused on the employment prospects in the field of accounting and highlighted the necessary skills that students should develop. He also discussed different job positions available in the accounting profession.

Dr. Preeti Bhaskar shed light on the scope of Human Resource Management (HRM) as a specialization and explained the employment opportunities associated with it. She also provided information on further educational pathways in the field of HRM.

Dr. Reshma D'sa addressed the criteria and requirements for specialization allocation. She emphasized the importance of selecting a suitable specialization based on individual interests and aptitudes. Furthermore, she discussed the job market trends and industry requirements for each of the specializations covered by the guest speakers.

Overall, the specialization induction program aimed to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their choice of specialization by providing them with valuable insights into different fields and their career prospects.

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