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Staff Development Committee - Business Studies Department 15/12/2022

CEBA Awareness Program on Various Specializations

The College of Economics and Business Administration creates awareness on the various specializations offered and their career prospects to support students in their course work program to choose their specialization.

In this regard, the specialization induction program was conducted for two sections of students who are currently studying Business Communication course on 5th and 8th of December, 2022 during their class timings. Dr. Edukondala Rao Jetti, Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy, Dr. Reshma D’sa and Dr. Preeti Bhaskar were the resource persons and a total of 60 students attended the program.

Dr. Edukondala Rao Jetti spoke about the significance of opting for Marketing …as one’s choice of specialization. He enlightened the students on the skills that can be attained by pursuing the same alongside the prospective career opportunities.

Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy talked about the employability scope for accounting and the required skills that the students need to develop, the different job positions available in accounting profession, etc.

Dr. Preeti Bhaskar spoke about the scope of the Human Resource Management and its employment opportunities. She also explained the avenues available in HRM specialization for pursuing higher studies.

Dr. Reshma D’sa spoke about the requirements for specialization allocation and the criteria concerned with the same. She also emphasized on how to select a suitable specialization, job market and industry requirements for each of the offered specializations discussed by the three speakers.

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