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Department of Information Technology 07/07/2022

IT Students Awarding Day 2022

On June 21st, the Student Guidance Committee of Information Technology Department organized ‘Students Awarding Day 2022’ with the objective to motivate the IT students by awarding appreciation certificates.

The awarding ceremony was conducted in the college main hall and the students Ms. Fatema Ali Hamood Al-Mahruqi and Ms. Bushra Hamed Abdullah Said Al Handhali presented the program. Appreciation certificates were awarded to eligible students based on their significant participation in the various department activities/competitions and academic performance. The event was open to the OJT students and the awardees. HoD-IT, Ms. Asila Said Al Harmalli started the event with an inspirational talk. Appreciation certificates were awarded to a total number of 39 students for their significant participation in the following:

  1. Huawei Skills Competition.
  2. Tech Fest 2022 Competition.
  3. OCPC Programming Competition.
  4. Graduation Project Competition.
  5. For their academic performance during the academic year 2021-2022.
  6. Selected members from Students Department Society and Students Guidance Committee for their active contribution to committee activities. Also the current semester OJT trainees were appreciated
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