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Student Guidance Committee 22/11/2021

Ascend yourself, the bottom is crowded

The department of Information Technology, SGC(Student Guidance Committee), organized an online student development program as a webinar on 16/11/2021 at 12 PM.

Dr. Issa Saleh Hamood Al-Amri, a Guest speaker from the Department of Business studies presented the webinar on the topic “Ascend yourself, the bottom is crowded” in the Arabic language. Eighty-seven participants attended the program. The webinar aimed to uplift the students’ confidence and motivation. Dr. Issa Saleh Hamood Al-Amri inspired students by giving them many techniques to improve their soft and hard skills.

The webinar also covered students’ ethics, time management, regular readying, being technically competent, and the available resources for the students like e-library. Dr. Issa Al Amri ‘s orating was inspirational and uplifted the motivation, creativity, and ambitions among the audience.

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