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Industry and Community Engagement Committee 31/04/2022

ICEC Visit Mazoon Electricity Company

ICEC organized an event to evaluate UTAS Ibra trainees at mazoon Ibra on 11-4-22. As part of the requirement, trainees have to do their presentation of what they have learned during their training for 8 weeks.

Trainee Mr.Rashid had done his presentation at Mazoon meeting hall, Ibra on April 11, 2022. The following were the Evaluation team members involved during the student’s presentation. The team members are:

  1. Mohammed Al Daroushi-Head of Support Services
  2. Eng.Abdullah Al Athoobi-project Eng.
  3. Eng.Hilal Al Saadi-Operation Eng.
  4. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim,OJT Coordinator (UTAS-Ibra)
  5. Eng.Hamed Al Harthi-Senior Wiring Inspector.
  6. Eng.Ali AlMughari-Projects Eng.
  7. Eng. Ahmed Al Qanuobi-Projects Eng.
  8. Eng. Amit-Projects Eng.
  9. Eng.Ibrahim Al Harthi-Projects Eng

UTAS Ibra would like to express sincere appreciation to the Mazoon company for sharing their expertise with our students.

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