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Industry and Community Engagement Committee (ICEC) 02/01/2022

Community outreach program - Workshop on Computer Hardware Servicing

The University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Ibra Community Outreach Program, as part of the Administration to reach out our local community through various outreach program, industry and community engagement committee(ICEC) conduct a workshop on Computer Hardware Servicing.

It was successfully achieved, and it held on 29th of December, from 12:00 NN to 2:00 PM at NL102 (Computer Hardware and Networking Laboratory) via face-to-face action.

It aimed to enhance the skills of our people related to the computer servicing. The program starts from PowerPoint presentation as theory, and it explain the various important topic that used for rest of the program. Followed by short video presentation showing how to Dis-assemble and assemble of the computer units. Next followed by actual dis-assemble and assemble of the computer units, participant experience the actual activity. Later we do on how to trouble shoot the computer color signal, measure the normal and fault measurement signal using multimeter to show volt output. At the same time other student do on how to un-install and install program into the computer.

Mr. Arnold Braza and Mr. Mohamed Haji Ali, Lab-In-charge/Technical Instructor in Electrical and Electronics section of Engineering Department, UTAS-Ibra was the resource speaker. During the session, the speakers explained thoroughly the concepts related to the Hardware Servicing and troubleshooting.

Finally, as the program conclude the students give their comment and suggestion together with what their plan in the future, some stating that after they finished the training, they plan to stablished their own business related to computer servicing.

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