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Industry and Community Engagement Committee (College Level) 15/12/2021

Community Outreach Program – Solar-Powered Pumping System Webinar

The Industrial Link Committee of Engineering Department in association with the Renewable Energy Professional Team organized an Online Workshop entitled “Design and Simulation of Solar Powered Pumping System with PVSYST” on 7Th of December 2021 (Tuesday) from 12:00-2:00 PM via MS teams.

This event was conducted for working professionals from the industry, students of all levels and staff.

The main purpose of the workshop was to enhance the design skills related to the application of solar energy in industrial and agriculture sectors using the popular PVSYST software. Also to enable the participants to learn about the latest tools available for design and testing of isolated solar photovoltaic (SPV) power systems.

Mr. Hameed Shaik, Lecturer in Electrical and Electronics Section of Engineering Department, UTAS-Ibra was the resource speaker.

He explained about the concepts related to the calculation of hydraulic energy and electrical energy requirement as per the demand of water supply to meet the requirement of agricultural crops in the specific cultivating field area. Mr. Hameed focused on the design aspects related to the solar powered water pump using the PV SYST software. He highlighted the salient features of the software how it eases the design of overall pumping system. Simulation results were demonstrated with the help of generated reports by the software.

The webinar started with a welcome speech by Mr. Mazen Mussallam Al Himali. At the closing end, Ms. Santhoshi. K delivered a message of appreciation to the speaker and the closing remarks.

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