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Department of Engineering 19/09/2021

Engineering Online Discussion Forum Based on Synergizing Clean Energy and Green Transportation for Smart Cities

The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organized an Online Discussion Forum based on Synergizing Clean Energy & Green Transportation for Smart Cities (IEEE Recorded Webinar) on the 16th of September, 2021, from 10:00-11:30 AM via MS teams.

According to Dr. Shamganth, HOS of Electrical Section, this is an additional method that the department will be adopting to enhance and strengthen the research interest of the Engineering Department.

The recorded webinar’s resource person was Dr. Deepak L. Waikar, Managing Partner, EduEnergy Consultants LLP, Singapore, and has been involved in education, training, research & management fields for almost three decades.

Dr. Deepak L. Waikar discussed the sustainable development of cities and towns. It is expected that these developments will considerably depend on the use of clean energy and a green transportation system with objectives for reducing pollution, minimizing congestion, improving efficiency, reliability, and quality.

The highlighted topics during the presentation were:

  • Clean Energy
  • Green Transportation
  • Synergy
  • Smart Cities
  • Electric Transportation
  • Electric Vehicles

Innovations in energy conservation, energy efficiency, clean and renewable energy technologies along with smart grid, micro-grid, smart meters, and the use of artificial intelligence have been reported worldwide. Autonomous electric vehicles and zero-emission green vehicles have started making inroads in metro and megacities.

Therefore, synergizing innovations in clean energy and green transportation technology have a crucial role in transforming the sustainable connectivity of the future. Such synergy can substantially improve air quality, environment, connectivity, and efficiency. This presentation highlights innovations in clean energy and green transportation technologies, policies, and practices for such transformation.

The session got the participants excited and made them participate well during Q&A. The session concluded by clarifying the doubts on the discussed topics.

Before concluding, Dr. Prathapa Raju Moola, Co-chairman of the Staff Development Committee and host of the event, delivered a message of appreciation to the speaker.

Dr. Shamganth, HOS – Electrical section, delivered the closing remarks and thanked the resource speaker and the organizers (Engineering Staff Development Committee).

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