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Health and Safety Committee 31/03/2022

Seminar on Electricity Hazards

University health, safety, and environment committee in collaboration with the Human Resource department arranged a seminar on Electricity Hazards on 30.03.2022 in the main hall at 10 A.M.

The resource speaker was Eng. Nasser Said Al-Musalhi, Mazoon electricity Company HSE Team Leader. He was accompanied by Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al-Darwashi, Mazoon head of support services, North Sharqiyah Governorates. The event was led by Dr. Abdullah Khalfan Al Azri-ADAF/UTAS-HSEC chairman. Eng. Nasser Said Al-Musalhi discussed about the various electricity hazards in our day-to-day domestic life, their impact, and the safety measures that should be followed. He also elaborated on children’s safety against electrical hazards. He also explained about various first aid methods and how to save people affected in electricity accidents. He also cleared the doubts of participants on various issues of electrical hazards. Dr. Abdullah Khalfan Al Azri also shared his experiences on electrical safety and gave important safety tips.

The event was concluded by Dr. Abdullah Khalfan Al Azri. Certificates and mementos were presented to the guests, as a token of appreciation.

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