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Industry and Community Engagement Committee (College Level) 19/12/2021

Community Outreach Program – Robotics Workshop on Mechanical Assembly and Robot C Programming

The Industry and community engagement committee in coordination with Robotics professional Team of Engineering Department has organized three days workshop in EE102 entitled “Introduction to Robotics,Mechanical assembly and Robot C programming” on, 5-7th of December, 2021 from 9 am to 11 am.

This event was conducted as community outreach program for Government staffs,college students,industry experts and Alumni totally 25 participants attended.This workshops gave a glimpse of the necessary process of building Mobile Robots using a different platform that includes mechanical Parts, electronics, and programs. It presented the components of a robot system; from the framework of the robot to the controller and all sensors attached to the robot.

This event was facilitated by team leader Mr.Donnie and team members Mr.Micheal,Mr.Glenn,Mr.Suthagar and Mr.Markandan.

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