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Professional Team by Engineering 15/12/2021

Basic Arduino Programming and Interfacing Online Workshop for Students

The Embedded System Professional Team conducted the “Basics of Arduino Programming” Workshop on October 26, 2021, from 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM thru the MS Team platform with 15 student participants.

It aims to teach the basics of programming and interfacing of the Arduino Development Boards.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Jamaludeen Abdul Shariff, Mr. Syed Khaja Ahmeduddin Zakir, and Mr. Markandan Rengasamy.

During the session, Dr. Jamaludeen explained the architectural details of the Arduino Development Boards. And together with his team, they demonstrated how the Arduino Board is connected and programmed with the computer system.

The students were encouraged by introducing the Arduino IDE, a dedicated platform for programming the Arduino Board. Apart from the fundamental concepts, blinking of the on-board LED, the interfacing of External LED, etc., were explained by Dr. Jamaludeen.

In addition, Mr. Syed Khaja Ahmeduddin Zakir demonstrated a few more interfacing examples like interfacing and controlling the brightness of the External LED using a Potentiometer, Ring Counter, and LCD.

The said activity can support the students in enhancing their programming skills and helping them in their research works related to Arduino boards.

Students were able to witness and understand the concepts of programming and interfacing different types of sensors and transducers with microcontrollers.

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