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Staff Development Committee 09/10/2021

A Webinar on 'AdTrac - Counselling - Guidelines to Advisors' to Engineering Advisors

In the objective of strengthening the advising role of our advisors here at UTAS-Ibra, the Engineering Department conducted a webinar on ‘AdTrac - Counselling - Guidelines to Advisors" last 28th of September, 2021 from 1:15 - 2:15 pm thru MS Team.

The event was organized by the Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department for Engineering Advisors.

The Department registrar, Ms. Syeda Amma, discussed the advising rules and regulations of the University and the importance of effective advising to the academic journey of the students. For some years now, the department has been using the AdTrac System designed to trace the advising methodologies and strategies used by the advisors, and at the same time data gathered from this system are used to analyze the methodologies and strategies used by the advisors.

She also explained the additional features of AdTrac on how to enter the deliberations of meetings conducted by the advisors to the advisees. The report will be beneficial in tracing the information and actions done by the advisor and the student. On the side of the student, a copy of the report will automatically be sent to their emails and they can acknowledge the information given on that report.

Mr. Ganesh Babu Yannem, also one of the registrars, reiterated the importance of proper advising. According to him, more attention must be given to students with high risk or under probation. Records of the meeting will help the Registrars and also the college Administration in decision making during critical cases.

The highlighted topics during the presentation are the following:

  • Advising Orientation Meeting - to discuss general rules with the students.
  • AdTrac Analysis Components
  • AdTrac Counseling Report
  • Academic Advising Action Plan
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