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Staff Development Committee – Department of Business Studie 21/10/2021

Data Cleaning and Validation

To achieve the goal of producing high quality research papers for the academicians, the Research Committee in collaboration with the Staff Development Committee of the Department of Business Studies organized a workshop with the theme “Data Cleaning and Validation” on October 12, 2021, at 12 PM.

The department’s in-house expert Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy, shared his expertise in data cleaning and validation, as an important aspect of the research process.

Dr. Ananth Anthonisamy demonstrated the use of SPSS, a powerful statistical software platform. His talked also centered on the importance of designing a good research questionnaire to achieve the research goals and objectives. “Transforming research data into meaningful information can be daunting, but with the use of advanced technology, the life of a researcher becomes easier” he reiterated. The staff were given the chance to explore and manipulate the given sample data using SPSS and were able to produce results.

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