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OJT & Industrial Link Committee 23/03/2021

IT Department’s Workshop with PDO

OJT & Industrial Link Committee of IT Department conducted a workshop with PDO on 17th March 2021 through the online platform WebEx from 09:00 AM to 12:00 NN by Mr. Salim Hinai, IDCO 42, IM&T Service Owner-Networking & his team members Mr. Ibrahim AL-Reisi- Network Engineer, Mr. Haitham Al-Maqbali- Network Engineer, Mr. Mohammed AL-Musalmy- IDCO1, Mr. Sameer al Zadjali-IDCO in PDO, Muscat.

PDO Employee Mr. Salim Hinai & his team have explained the basics of the cyber security and information communication network infrastructure used in the various fields of industries. They also explained the past, present and future of security and networks infrastructures.

Network infrastructure comprises hardware and software, systems and devices, and it enables computing and communication between users, services, applications and processes. Anything involved in the network, from servers to wireless routers, comes together to make up a system's network infrastructure.

The workshop activities includes discussion about their component, topology & Infrastructure: wire and wireless infrastructure, Security using for wire and wireless infrastructure also in this pandemic situation, how their employee work from home and getting access & control to PDO network using their infrastructure with Cisco ISE security.

They have brief that Cisco ISE allows them to manage network devices using the TACACS+ security protocol to control and audit the configuration of network devices. ISE facilitates granular control of who can access which network device and change the associated network settings.

  • Networking Trends
  • Data Networks
  • Ethernet
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Data Center
  • Wire & Wireless Data Networks
  • Voice over IP
  • Identify threats
  • Protect information
  • Data Security for Wire & Wireless Networks

Around 70 participants attended the program and they motivated by the presence of industry delegates during this workshop.

-with inputs from Kumar Kaliyamoorthy, IT - Information Technology Section
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