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Research and Consultancy Committee 07/03/2021


Research and Consultancy Committee of IT Department is continuously motivating students and Staff to present papers in National and International conferences.

In this regard, IT Staff and Students participated and presented research papers in "Contemporary Developments in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science", an International Visual Conference held on 05-03-3021.

A total of fifteen students and nine staff members participated and presented their content in this International Conference as given:

SNo Research Paper Title Author/Advisor
1 Animals Tracking System using GPS with GSM Ms. Yussra Said Al-Harbi, Ms. Marwa Aamir Al-Aghbari, Dr. V.Mathivanan-Lecturer
2 Smart Traffic Management System Ms. Salima Al Maghiria, Ms. Sara Sulaiman Al Musalhi, Dr. Ramesh Palanisamy - Lecturer
3 Scrutinize of distributed denial-of-service and Alleviation Ms. Sumaiyh Bani Oraba, Ms. Malak Saleh Al-Hizami, Ms. Amira Abdullah Al-Jaafariya, Dr. Ramesh Palanisamy - Lecturer
4 e-Forsa Job Probing Mobile Application for Colleges of Technology in Oman Mr. Ali Nasser Al-Talai, Ms. Ghadeer Amur Al Handhali, Ms. Athari Khamis Al Farji, Ms. Sherin Thomas - Lecturer
5 IOT Based Automatic Solar Panel Cleaner Mr. Yaseen Mubarak Al-Malki - Student
6 Challenges and Approaches of Security in Big Data Ms. Aala Ibrahim Al-Handhali, Ms. Halya Jaber Al-Salmani, Dr. M.Senthilkumar - Lecturer
7 Enhancing Network Security Using Cryptography and Steganography Ms. Bahia Khalfan Al-Dhikhri, Ms. Shaima Ali Al-Habsi, Dr. M.Senthilkumar - Lecturer
8 Simulation Configuration and performance metrics EZBRP SACBRP BIABRP Mr. Senthil Jayapal, Dr. Ramesh Palanisamy, Mr. Annadurai Manickam - All Lecturers
9 Data Mining Applications in Educational Field Mr. Mohammed R. Rafi, Mr. Vinayak G.Pai, Dr. K.Kumar - Lecturer

To add up, IT department staff, Dr. M.Senthilkumar chaired a session in this conference.

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