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OJT & Industrial Link Committee 22/03/2021

Engineering Department Hosted Webinar on Project Management Skills Required for Administrative & Technical Professionals

The Engineering Department through its Industrial Link Committee in cooperation with its OJT team hosted an online webinar on Project Management Skills Required for Administrative & Technical Professionals.

It was attended by our engineering OJT and graduating students. The event was conducted on the 3rd of March, 2021, at 7 PM [GST] through Zoom online platform.

Engr. Ahmed Yahya Zahir Al-Rashdi, the Chief of MET System and Maintenance of Oman Meteorology was the resource speaker at the event. He graduated from Staffordshire University with 20 years of experience in Networking and Project & Safety Maintenance Management. Being an expert in his field, he also played a vital role in the Network designing of the new Muscat International Airport.

During the session, Engr. Ahmed Al-Rashdi emphasized the need for Omani graduates to be qualified and skilled to be able to help in building the nation. He highlighted five main points during the workshop. First, the necessity of project management skills. Second, the motivations in improving the employability skills that suit the job market. Third, ways in improving the technical and project management skills of the graduates like time management, teamwork, frameworks, policy knowledge, and budget management. Fourth, the importance of being a life-long learner. And lastly, he gave a glimpse of the real-time work environment of the industries in the Sultanate.

The session got the participants excited and made them participate well during Q&A. Before closing his session, he encourages our students to explore more in their career development to be ready in facing challenges as part of the working force of the Sultanate.

Before ending the webinar, Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim, the coordinator of the event delivered his words of appreciation to the speaker and UTAS- Ibra and also gave the closing remarks for the event.

-with inputs from Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, Electrical and Electronics Section
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