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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 28/10/2020

Live Webinar: The significance of Omani Graduate achievements in the reality of work

Engr. Ahmed Yahya Zahir Al-Rashdi Chief of MET System and Maintenance, Oman Meteorology was invited to present a webinar for the OJT students and prospective graduates on October 22nd, 2020 in zoom platform around 4 pm[GST].

He was graduated from Staffordshire University and has 20 years of experience in the field of Networking, Project and safety maintenance Management. He played a vital role in the network designing of new Muscat International airport also being involved in the maintenance of airport.

On behalf of Industrial Link committee, Engineering and OJT department, this event was Organized by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim OJT coordinator.

After welcome speech, the presenter started the session with a great Introduction to make our graduates to understand the need of qualified Omani graduates in the sultanate of Oman. The Highlighted points of the workshop are as follows:

  1. xMisalignment between employers’ expectations on graduates’ skills and what they really get
  2. The importance of Internship program in the life of student
  3. Motivation towards the discovery of the employability skills to meet the market demands
  4. Recommended trainees and students to improve their general & technical skills
  5. Quality of Learning and the significance of life long learner
  6. The real time work environment of the industries in sultanate of Oman

After the talk an interesting interaction with resource speaker was conducted through questions and answers sessions, which encouraged the participants to explore in details about their career development. Participants were engaged and inspired to pursue similar webinars in the future also.

Mr.Ibrahim delivered the closing remarks and appreciated the participants and thanked the guest speaker for sparing his valuable time with our students. He took a great opportunity to thank the College Dean Dr. Azzah Ahmed Said Al-Maskari & Assistant Dean of Academics Dr.Mohammed Rashid Hamdan Al Mamari, Assistant dean student affairs Dr. Fatma Nasser Maso'ud Al-Harthy HOD Engineering Dr. Sami Al-Ghnimi & also HOD OJTMs.Aida AL Sabti for their motivation and encouragement towards the conduct of such Live webinars.. The resource speaker was honored by an appreciation certificate from the University of Technology and Applied Science-Ibra.

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