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with inputs from Mofeeda Pangadil/Mohamed Syed Ibrahim 22/12/2020

Engineering hosted a 'Network Modeling and Simulation using OPNET' Online Workshop

Optimized Network Engineering Tools or simply known as OPNET is a tool that is used for modeling, simulating, and analyzing different computer networks and hardware.

It is a very popular simulator used in many industries and they are taking advantage of its power and versatility over other software when it comes to their network research and development.

As part of the bridging the knowledge gap training program of the Engineering Department, which aims to make sure that our students are ready for the real world – A webinar/online workshop on “Network Modeling and Simulation using OPNET” was conducted on the 10th of December, 2020 from 10 AM to 12NN (Muscat Time) through MS Team. It was facilitated by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, a lecturer from the Electronic and Telecommunication Section, Engineering Department here at UTAS-Ibra. A total of 10 bachelor students in Electronics and Telecommunication and Computer Engineering attended the said online workshop.

The event focused on giving our students good comprehension of network modeling and simulations that help them in forming necessary basic concepts that are essential in their field. The training program started with giving awareness of the significance of the software and the features of its Riverbed Modeler. Mr. Ibrahim also discussed the following: the hierarchical architecture of modeling, Graphical User Interface (GUI) and animation, types of networks and topologies, object palette features, choosing of statistics in simulation, planning of Network design & modeling including the expansion of networks, troubleshooting concepts, simulation and results for improvement planning, and finally - network parameters evaluation using OPNET.

The two-hour event was packed with knowledge and experience, in which students were able to design networks like LAN, WAN, MANET, and VANET using the OPNET modeler. The training also allowed them to gain substantial knowledge on network topologies and exposed them to the Riverbed software.

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