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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 11/11/2020

Engineering Hosted Webinar on "Importance of Soft Skills & Personal Branding"

One of the challenges of the UTAS-Ibra OJT Team this academic year is providing quality training for our students that are soon to be out in the market as Job Hunters.

The pandemic created a lot of hindrance in providing our students the most important experience that they need before getting out of the college. But nevertheless, we are very lucky to have conducted a Live Webinar that focuses on “Importance of Soft Skills and Personal Branding” that aims to provide awareness among our students on the significance of personality development.

The said webinar was conducted last November 1, 2020 around 6:30 - 8:00 PM (GST) and participated by the OJT students thru Zoom online platform. It was graced by eminent speaker from Delhi, India – who graduated from Stanford University and has been an expert of the field for around 15 years. She is Dr. Radhika Soni, an Assistant Professor of RDIAS, Delhi. A true academician and researcher on various National and International Journals in the field of Human Resources.

Dr. Radhika Soni’s introduction to the topic started with the discussion of the serious skills gap, knowledge gap and big shortage found in the Industries, which were evident to the participants through various surveys & statistics. She illustrated how acquiring soft skills are crucial for professional as well as personal development of a student along with explaining the importance of how soft skills play vital role in the professional growth of the students.

She also explained how the student must intend to impart the training for acquiring the same skills. She advised the trainees to build their professional image eventually. Dr. Soni also shared useful insights on the following: (1) Building Inter-personal skills, teamwork management skills, and leadership quality, (2) The necessity of Self-Branding in the student’s life, (3) Importance of Live Projects & Internships in student’s career, and lastly (4) Developing presentation and communication skills effectively.

The entire session became very interactive and with active and enthusiastic participation of our students, Dr. Radhika Soni even shared her personal experiences, and various issues she faced during the different stages of her professional life and gave tips on how she overcomes all of them.

The participants were truly grateful of the insights and the online experience they had during the webinar and looking forward to applying what they’ve learned in their respective careers.

Lastly, Mr. Ibrahim delivered the closing remarks and presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the speaker on behalf of the University of Technology and Applied Science-Ibra. This activity was made possible through the efforts of Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim, OJT coordinator, who keenly planned and coordinated the said event with the guidance and approval of the Department.

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