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Health and Safety Committee 22/03/2021

Engineering HSE Committee Went Virtual on Fire Extinguisher Training

Since the start of the pandemic, activities got halted and delayed due to the limitation of face-to-face interactions. But then, health and safety awareness must always be there with or without this pandemic situation.

To maintain the said commitment to a safe and healthy working environment, the Engineering Health and Safety Environment (HSE) committee conducted its first virtual training related to fire emergencies. It was broadcasted live on the college website through MS Team for live viewing of the college staff and students on March 21, 2021 from 2-3 pm (Muscat Time).

The event started with the introduction and welcoming speech of Mr. Viknesh Kumar, the co-chair for Engineering HSE Committee and the training facilitator. He mentioned that the committee continues to dedicate efforts to its programs and training despite the limitations on participants’ interaction due to the present situation. Nevertheless, the HSE committee will continue to adapt and implement necessary procedures and rules to guarantee that our college is safe for students and staff.

Mr, V. Loganathan, a lecturer from the Electrical Section and also a member of the Engineering HSE Committee, was one of the resource speakers. He explained the different types of fire and the suitable Fire extinguishers to be used during fire emergencies and the various types available in the college. Then, Mr. Khamis Khila Al-Maskari explained the proper way of using the fire extinguishers using the P.A.S.S. technique (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep), and together with Mr. Syed Muktar, they gave the demonstration and safely extinguished a fire during the live session.

The effectiveness of responding to any fire emergency depends on one’s knowledge about the types of fire extinguishers and understanding its operation.

For the closing remarks, Mr. Syed Mohammad Saad, the head of the Mechanical Section, expressed his gratefulness for conducting such an event and encouraged the committee to continue their efforts towards promoting a safer working/learning environment. He emphasized that health and safety practices must be followed not only in the working areas but everywhere, and not only for engineers but for everyone.

Overall, the success of the event was made possible through the efforts of the Engineering HSE Committee with great support from the UTAS-Ibra ETC team headed by Mr. Wahab Salim Naser Al Hussini. It may be the first virtual HSE event but surely not the last. This event does not only benefit our staff but everyone because safety is everybody’s business.

-with inputs from Ms. Mofeeda Pangadil, Electrical and Electronics Section
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