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Mohammed Syed Ibrahim 19/01/2021

External Examiners from Various Industries for Engineering Final Project Evaluation

Seven (7) guest evaluators coming from different fields of engineering are invited to be part of the external examiners during the final project presentation conducted online on January 3-4, 2021 through MS Team.

Their presence added delight to the activity. As experts, they shared their valuable ideas, suggestions, and recommendations to optimize the outputs of the students. Not only that they helped the department in the process of evaluation, but their presence also lifted the spirits of our students and boosted them in preparing themselves for their future careers.

The Engineering Department extends our gratitude to the following:

  1. Mr. Mohammed Ali Yahya Al-Wahibi - Senior Performance Engineer, Tanweer, Rural Areas Electricity Company S.A.O.C., Mahot
  2. Mr. Ahmed Yahya Zahir Al-Rashdi - Chief of MET System Maintenance, Directorate General of Meteorology, Muscat
  3. Mr. Mazin Ahmed Al-Rashdi - STP Supervisor, HAYA Water – Muscat
  4. Ms. Zainab Nasser Al-Mahrooqi - Head of IT Department, Sinaw Hospital
  5. Mr. Suryaprakash - Senior Operational Engineer, Sur Desalination Plant
  6. Dr. Saravana Kumar Krishnan - Assistant Professor, Ministry of Higher Education College of Applied Sciences, Sohar
  7. Mr. Humaid Rashid Al-Khalili - Senior Operation and Maintenance Engineer, Rural Areas Electricity Company S.A.O.C., Mahot

Their presence and efforts are highly appreciated especially during the period of a pandemic. The department hopes for the continued support from the industries and looks forward to a more strengthened linkage.

The event was made possible through the efforts and dedication of the departments' OJT coordinator Mr.Ibrahim and project supervisors Dr.Varatharaj, Dr.Hasin Alam, Dr.Jamaludeen, Mr. Chaethan, Mr.Jeyadevan, and Mr. Janakiraman.

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