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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 22/10/2020


Industrial link committee of Engineering department in coordination with OJT department organized a webinar series on 15th October 2020 (6 pm to 8 pm) at zoom platform.

The first webinar entitled “EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN ENGINEERING Internet of Things (IoT)” was presented by Dr. Froilan D Mobo Associate Professor II, Assistant Director, Department of Research and Development, Philippine Merchant Marine Academy, Philippines

Dr. Froilan D Mobo, Assistant Director of the Department of Research and Development in Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) and Ph.D. Coach in Cel Academic, Malaysia was welcomed by Mr.Mohamed syed Ibrahim and the speaker was given special privilege to share his views and experiences on IOT with our OJT students and future graduates.He mainly addressed the real opportunity for the Internet of Things. Business models, case studies, opportunities and profitability were also covered. He also focused on assessing the end user requirements and addressed the latest diverse technologies and applications.He also added that the IoT & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas, is the strategic meeting place to learn about how this digital transformation will revolutionise the oil and gas industry, and enable greater efficiencies and insights in reporting, analytics and large-scale business decisions.

The resource speakers for the second webinar entitled “MICROSTRIP ANTENNA DESIGN” was S.Prasad Jones Christydass, M.E, (Ph.D) Founder,µ -Maker,India.

He mainly focused on the Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna and its applications because of their low weight and low profile, conformability, easy and cheap realization.Also dealt the following in detail:

  1. Geometry modelling
  2. Microstrip Antennas with different types of feeding techniques
  3. Optimization Of Microstrip antenna
  4. Power Dividers
  5. SIW based structures simulation
  6. Waveguide components design
  7. Design of Microwave Filter
  8. Metamaterial concepts and Applications
  9. RCS Simulation

Finally vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Mohamed Syed Ibrahim who took an opportunity to thank college Dean & Assistant Dean of Academics, Assistant dean student affairs,HOD Engineering & HOD OJT. The feedback of the event was collected from the participation after the webinar. The resource speakers were thanked and they honored by the appreciation Certificates from the University of Technology and Applied Science, Ibra.

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