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with inputs from Industrial Link Committee 23/11/2020

Engineering Alumna Speaks on a Webinar Entitled 'How Course Projects and Internship Programs Support the Recruitment Procedure of Scholars'

With its aim of strengthening the relationship between our Alumni and UTAS-Ibra, the Engineering Department Industrial Link Committee in coordination with OJT Team is trying to tie with our Alumni in conducting webinars and giving them an avenue to share their expertise and experiences related to their chosen careers.

Last November 12, 2020, at around4-5 PM(GST), a webinar through Zoom Online Platform participated by the trainees, and soon to be graduates were blessed with the presence of one of our alumna, Ms. Zainab Mohammed Al-Balushi as the resource person. She is now the Administrative and Technical Support Engineer of Locations Support Solutions Company. Ms. Zainab was part of the organizing committee of Department Community Related activities for students during her college days and now part of making short informative videos for Shuoon Omani Electronic Newspaper. According to her, her active participation during her college days helped in building her personal and professional character now.

The webinar focuses on “How course projects and internship programs support the recruitment procedure of Scholars.” As she shared her valuable experiences from UTAS-Ibra, previously known as Ibra College of Technology, she explained the value of learning and Internship. Ms. Zainab illustrated how her Internship and project experiences played a vital role in her job employment. Then gave our aspiring graduates and trainees a clear message in taking their training seriously and learning as much as they can while doing the internships. She believes that the intention of imparting fruitful technical knowledge –general and practical skills during an Internship creates a platform in the student’s life to help strive and build their professional goals. She also encourages our trainees to expand their ambitions and dreams towards their objective. According to her, “Well planned execution, skill development, and self-motivation were the key factors to find the way towards success.”

Since Ms. Zainab is once like our aspiring graduates, they showed high interest and enthusiastically participated and interacted with her. It was indeed a great success; the Department hopes to continue this good start of involving more of our alumni in the future.

At the last part of the program, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim -- the organizer of the said event expressed his word of thanks and presented the Certificate of Appreciation to our speaker. He also extended his special thanks to the College Administrators and Engineering Department Administrators for their continuous support and encouragement committee’s activities.

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