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Staff Development Committee 30/03/2021

Effective Use of Autodesk Inventor Professional Engineering Program in Online Teaching

The Engineering Department Staff Development Committee organized a webinar entitled “Effective Use of Autodesk Inventor Professional Engineering Program in Online Teaching” of students' projects last Tuesday, 16th of March, 2021, from 12:00-1:30 PM via MS Teams.

This program aims to give awareness on Autodesk Inventor Professional Software Tool and its importance in guiding students to their academic design projects during the online study. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, students are unable to get exposed to experimental study. On the other hand, simulation can be performed by students under the guidance of teachers for their academic project work wherein they can explore and innovate.

The presentation was very timely as the students are preparing for their projects. As resource speaker, Mr. Chetan Godlumane Ramesh explained the application tools in doing industrial simulation of any product design. The presenter also carefully detailed the steps to be followed in 2D and 3D designing and illustrated a case study for better understanding of static simulation feature in Autodesk Inventor Tool. He also highlighted how to generate the report for simulation and discussion on the end results of simulation. It was a very informative and beneficial session for our Engineering staff.

In the end, Mr. Prathapa Raju Moola, Co-chairman of the Staff Development Committee and host of the event, delivered a message of appreciation to the speaker and the closing remarks.

-with inputs from Mujeebudheen Khan, Electrical and Electronics Section
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