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Joshi Raghavan Edassery 18/02/2021

New Students' Induction Program

The Department of Business Studies conducted an Induction program for New Students on 9th February 2021, in MS-Team, between 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM.

Dr. Habiba Mohammed Said Al-Mughairi, HOD of Business Studies, welcomed the new students to the department. She briefed the College Vision, Mission, Values and Graduate Attributes. She also discussed the department Organizational Chart, Academic Programs, specialization in the department. She advised the students to understand and observe the rules and regulations of ICT.

Mrs. Fathiya Al Salmi, HoD of counselling, motivated the students and educated on the various supports available to the students from Student Affairs.

Dr. Issa Saleh Hamood Al Amri enlightened the students on various support available to the students from the department. He also addressed on students related policies and encouraged students to regularly meet their advisors for academic counseling, and briefed about the Student Departmental Society.

Mr. Abdullah Thanseer, Department Registrar, explained the registration process, academic probation, GPA, CGPA calculation and requirements for the students to move to next level.

Ms. Preeti Bhasker, Lecturer in HR, explained the research integrity, research ethics and also encouraged the students to participate in various research competition organized Higher Educational Intuitions.

Dr. Salim Amer Salim Al Rashdi encouraged the students with entrepreneurship initiatives and innovation. He explained about innovation and entrepreneurship unit.

Mr. Wahab Salim Naser Al Hussini, HOS-ETC enlightened the students on Students Support System, E-Library, Moodle, Turnitin and other online services available.

Dr. Praveen, Lecturer in Finance, concluded the program with vote of thanks.

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