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Joshi Raghavan Edassery 18/02/2021


The Business Department conducted a webinar on “How to find Innovative Idea” on 16 February 2021.

The resource person of the webinar was Dr. Habiba AL-Mughairi, head of Business Department, University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibra, Oman. This webinar aimed to inculcate novel thinking among budding entrepreneurs. She inspired students by showcasing innovative ideas which have created a unique space in the market. She shared the strategies on “identifying innovative idea" for starting a new business. She shared the information on “identifying the innovative ideas” and “converting those ideas in business opportunities” with innovative product or services.

At the end of the webinar, she listed the critical points that need to be considered while selecting the business idea. She showed her kind gesture by asking participants to contact her personally to explore the new business idea. The webinar was very much appreciated by the audience.

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